Aviation Ground School

Your first step in learning to FLY!

Our Aviation ground school course meets one night week for eight weeks. This FAA approved course is your first step in learning to FLY! Whether you are interested in becoming an Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial Pilot, or a Private Pilot, your training starts here. Even if you just want to know how basic flying works you can attend this class. Course topics include Principles of Flight, the Flight Environment, Aircraft Systems and Performance, Aviation Weather, Basic Navigation, Aviation Physiology, and Flight Planning. Completion of this course will qualify you to take the FAA written examination that is required for your Private Plot license. During the course there will be opportunities to visit Airports, Flying Clubs, FBOs, Flight Service Stations, and even get into an aircraft cockpit!

Private Pilot Ground School

November 17th

 Tuesdays Evenings

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