Enrollment Qualification

It is very important that you understand and agree with all the statements below prior to enrolling in a Scuba class or any diving activity. Once you have read these you can click on the 'I Understand & Agree' button at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to the Enrollment Page.

I am in good physical shape.

I have healthy circulatory and respiratory systems.

I do not have Asthma.

I do not have Diabetes.

I do not have Epilepsy.

I do not have Behavioral Problems.

I am not Pregnant.

I know how to Swim Comfortably.

I have not been Rejected from any activity for any medical reasons.

I understand the Refund Policy posted on our refunds_page.

I understand after I enroll I will need to purchase scuba quality Mask Fins & Snorkel.*

I understand if am over 40 years old I will will need to provide a doctor's note prior to the first in-water session.

I understand if I require contacts or glasses I will need to purchase an Rx Mask.*

I have completly reviewed the 'Scuba Diver Page' at capt-saam.com/diver.html.*

I understand the academics must be completed prior to the first pool session.*

I understand openwater qualification dives are done separately and not included in the cost of the scuba diver class.*

I have completed all prerequisite training where applicable.

I understand that I will not be certified or be able to purchase a referral unless I comfortably complete ALL academics and water skills to standard.*

*For Scuba Diver classes only.

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