Our Scuba Diver Classes Run With a Maximum of Eight Students. Enjoy online self-paced eLearning. More classes are added as required.


Class: eLearning

POOL: Saturday or Sunday mornings


Class: eLearning

POOL:  Wednesday Evenings  6:30 - 10:30 PM

New Classes Begin on Request!

We accept PADI, NAUI, and all Universal Referrals.


Weekend Qualifications May through Novrmber

Saturday 8:30AM - 2:00 PMSunday 9AM - 4:30 PM

Weekend Qualifications

On our Florida Trips

Thursday 9AM - 12:30 PM Friday 9AM - 12:30 PM



Our Discover Scuba Experience meets on Sundays for one pool session.  Join us for a wonderful experience in the pool to Discover Scuba Diving!  Just bring your swim suit and a towel and we will supply the rest for only $99!  You will get  $50 credited back when you enroll in a dive class!!! To Save some money pick up a groupon.

Discover Scuba Pool Sessions Join Any Weekend Class

Sunday   9AM - Noon

* Reservations Required




Our Discover Local Diving Program meets on a Saturday or Sunday aboard the Silver Dolphin. Join us for a wonderful experience to see our local reefs, wrecks, and sea life! You will be guided on a reef or wreck to see Sponges, Coral, Starfish, Seahorses, Sea Urchins, Lobsters, Crabs, a plethora of fish, and more! You will be amazed. The cost is only $99 including the boat charter. (Add $75 for a complete gear rental package & $20 for a personel underwater Divemaster Guide.



Private SCUBA lessons can be done in your home or our classroom and we can use your pool or ours. These SCUBA courses are configured with great flexibility to be completely private and to meet the most the difficult schedules.

Private Lessons Your Pool or Ours





Our refresher class reviews diving basics, the dive tables, and new equipment technology developments since you were certified. In the pool session we will cover mask and regulator basics, equipment doff & donn, neutral buoyancy, out of air options, diver rescue and other safety techniques. This is the best program for the 'RUSTY' diver or someone who hasn't had training in years. If its been a while since you have been diving, this is safest the way to JUMP BACK IN !! Contact us to schedule your refresher scuba class for only $189.
Quality gear Rentals Available.
Note: Open Water refreshers available during the summer. A $75 charter fee applies.

Refresher Scuba Join Any Weekend Class

CLASS: eLearning

Pool: Join any pool session

Advanced Openwater Spring- Summer

CLASS: eLearning

DIVES: Thursday Evening, Saturday & Sunday

Master SCUBA Diver Spring- Summer

CLASS: eLearning

POOL: 1 Session

DIVES: Thursday Evening, Saturday & Sunday

Divemaster Offered on Request

CLASS: Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

POOL &  BOAT:: Weekend and Evenings

Assistant Instructor Offered on Request Week Days or Weekends
SCUBA Instructor Offered on Request Week Days & Weekends

Please note: Our Specialty Scuba Classes Run With a Maximum of Six Students


Underwater Photography

Offered on Request

CLASS & POOL: Evenings

DIVES: Sunday   9AM - 2 PM

DrySuit Specialty

Offered on Request

CLASS: eLearning

POOL: Evenings

DIVES: Sunday   9AM - 3 PM

Hunting & Collecting

3 Summer Sessions in Jun, Jul & Aug

CLASS: eLearning

DIVES: Thr 6:30PM- 10PM

Sunday   9AM - 3 PM

Wreck Diving

Offered on Request

CLASS: eLearning

DIVES: Thr 6:30PM - 10PM  Sun   9AM - 3 PM

Underwater Environment

Offered on Request

CLASS: eLearning

DIVES: Sun   9AM - 3 PM

Collecting for Aquariums

Offered on Request

CLASS: eLearning

DIVES: Thr 6:30PM - 10:00PM,  Sun   9AM - 3 PM

Night Diving

Offered on Request

CLASS: eLearning

DIVES: Thr 6:30PM - 10PM

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Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Diver

Self Paced

CLASS: eLearning

DIVES: Sundays  9AM

Scuba Rescue Winter 2023

CLASS: eLearning

POOL: Weekdays 6PM - 10PM

DIVES: Saturday & Sunday   9AM - 2 PM


Winter 2023 CLASS: Tuesday 6:30PM - 10:00PM
First Aid Winter 2023 CLASS: Wednesday 6:30 PM - 8:00PM
Oxygen Admin Winter 2023 CLASS: Wednesday 8:00 PM - 10:30PM
Waterfront Lifeguard TBA

CLASS & POOL: Tuesday - Friday Noon - 7PM

Head Lifeguard &  Management

TBA Facility Schedule
Wilderness & Remote 1st Aid Winter 2023 Schedule TBD
CT Safe Boating and Jet Ski Course Call for schedule CLASS: Evenings or Weekends
USCG Captain's License (See Below) Self Paced CLASS: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings

Aviation Ground School

Call for Schedule

CLASS: Tues & Thurs 6:30PM - 10:00PM

Coming Soon!!! ---> Drone Pilot School!